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By data of the literature and own supervision, authors describe features pathogenesis of equinoplanovalgus foot deformations (EPVFD) in cerebral palsy patients and also the clinical displays of disease revealed by them at inspection of 52 patients (79 foot). In article you can find the earlier not described clinical supervision - presence by a considerable part of patients of the expressed feeling of tiredness feet at walking. This complaint was at 87,0 % patients. Main principles and methods of diagnostics of disease are described, and also a new way is computed tomography scan, allowing to visualize all characteristic for deformation of infringement of anatomy of joints and bones of foot in the conditions of influence modeling on it orthostatic load. Authors come to the conclusion that EPVFD by cerebral palsy children’s possesses a number of prominent features which probably to reveal special receptions and diagnostics methods, and also it is necessary to consider for increase of efficiency of the complex surgical approach to treatment EPVFD at patients with cerebral palsy.

About the authors

V. V. Umnov

The Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children's Orthopedics

Author for correspondence.
Email: umnovvv@gmail.com
Russian Federation

D. V. Umnov

The Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children's Orthopedics

Email: dmitry.umnov@gmail.com
Russian Federation


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