Editorial Comment on the Article by Belenkiy I.G. et al. “Strategies of Osteosynthesis: Problems and Perspectives”

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The commentary discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the model proposed by the authors of the article for performing osteosynthesis for urgent indications within 24 hours after the patient's admission to the hospital, and also focuses on the need for comprehensive assessment of treatment outcomes and financial costs of the healthcare system.

The determination of indications for emergency osteosynthesis and the identification of patients groups depending on the pattern and localization of the fracture are also important issues in justifying the shortening of the time before surgery. It is necessary to justify the priority localization of fractures for urgent fixation based on the analysis of the authors' own experience and literature data. 

Changes in the system of emergency trauma care will require a revision of the standards of staffing and financing in the system of compulsory medical insurance. Therefore, the commentary emphasizes the expediency of a preliminary assessment of the new model effectiveness in some medical institutions by comparing it with the traditional system.

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Vladimir V. Khominets

Military medical academy of S.M. Kirov

Author for correspondence.
Email: khominets_62@mail.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-9391-3316

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, The head of the department (head of the clinic) of military traumatology and orthopedics is the chief traumatologist of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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