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The purpose of the study - to determine the effectiveness of using PRP in the treatment of patients with stage III knee arthritis. Material for the study - 81 patients , two clinical groups with unilateral ( 9 patients - 15%) or bilateral ( 51 patients - 85%) with stage III knee arthritis. The first group of patients in an amount of 40 people were treated by introducing into the knee joint of autologous platelet-rich plasma 1 every three weeks. In the comparison group of 41 patients were symptomatic treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Evaluation of the results was performed using the LEKEN scale, VAS, verbal evaluation of the effectiveness of pain at 3, 6, 9 weeks after the treatment. Results: satisfactory result has increased to 52.5 %±0.2% of patients in week 9 of the main group. Score VAS and LEKEN scale gives a clear picture to the marked reduction in pain 9 weeks to 4 observation points. Intraarticular injection of PRP in the treatment of patients with stage III can reduce the severity of pain, improve knee function and quality of life for 9 weeks during their preparation for surgical treatment. Adherence to treatment of patients with stage III receiving intraarticular PRP, close to 98%.

About the authors

D. A. Malanin

Volgograd State Medical University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

V. V. Novochadov

Volgograd State University

Russian Federation

S. Demkin

Volgograd State Medical University

Russian Federation

M. V. Demeshenko

Volgograd State Medical University

Russian Federation

D. I. Danilov

Volgograd State Medical University

Russian Federation


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