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The article outlines Dobbs’ method in the treatment of children having heavy vertical talus. The results of 23 clinical observations of children with congenital planovalgus deformity of 38 feet during 11 years are examined. The age of patients ranged from 1 month to 13 years. 40 operations were performed on these patients. The analysis shows that the best results were achieved in the treatment of children (17 feet), who were previously treated with Dobbs’ method, which included step-wise plastering combined with minimally invasive surgical procedures and subsequent orthopedic regime of "life in braces". With the introduction of the method the frequency of open reduction of the talus in this group of patients in our clinic has substantially declined, so Kumar et al. and Coleman et al. surgical interventions are reserved for the treatment of children, whose feet deformities were detected too late or recurred due to lack of effectiveness of the Dobbs’ method.

About the authors

V. F. Blandinskiy

Yaroslavl State Medical Academy

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

M. A. Vavilov

Yaroslavl Regional Children’s Hospital

Russian Federation

I. V. Gromov

Yaroslavl State Medical Academy

Russian Federation


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