Correcting osteotomy for intra-articular malunion of the distal radius

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The purpose - to analyze the results of the surgical treatment of patients with intra-articular malunited fractures of the distal radius (DR). Material and methods. The operative treatment was performed in 12 patients (5 men and 7 women) with 12 malunited fractures of the DR. The average term from the injury to surgery was 19,67±7,13 weeks (from 5 to 92 weeks). We performed an intra-articular correcting osteotomy in 9 patients, combined intra-articular and extra-articular correcting osteotomy was used in three ones. The results of the treatment were assessed according to the DASH questionnaire, Cooney - Krimmer (1996) score, Martini (1999) score and the scheme offered by the authors. Results. In a year after the operation the rates of DASH questionnaire were 14,21±2,43 points averagely; 11 patients showed positive outcomes - 91,7% (Cooney - Krimmer score), 9 patients - 75% (Martini score) and 10 patients - 83,3% (scheme offered by the authors). Complications were observed in 3 patients. The fixators were removed from 3 patients. Conclusion. Corrective osteotomy in patients with symptomatic malunited intra-articular fractures of the distal radius is a safe and effective procedure that improves the structure and function of the wrist.

About the authors

O. M. Semenkin

Samara State Medical University; Kalinin Regional Hospital

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

S. N. Izmalkov

Samara State Medical University

Russian Federation

V. I. Golubtsov

Kalinin Regional Hospital

Russian Federation


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