Modern approaches to diagnostics of combined degenerative hip and spine pathology

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The results of standard radiographs of 90 patients with hip-spine syndrome associated with one unilateral or bilateral III stage hip osteoarthhrosis were analyzed with the aim to improve the diagnostics of pathological changes in the "hip joint-pelvis- spine" complex. 12 parameters of sagittal spinal-pelvic balance and 3 parameters of frontal one were studied and the degenerative changes in spinal motional segments were evaluated. The statistical processing of obtained data was made. It was stated that the most frequent variant of sagittal spinal-pelvic profile is hyperlordosic one, followed by formation of degenerative changes especially in dorsal regions of spine (р=0,076).The strategy of patient examination with hip-spine syndrome was established from clinical and radiographic positions.

About the authors

V. V. Khominets

Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

A. L. Kudyashev

Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Russian Federation

V. M. Shapovalov

Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Russian Federation

F. V. Miroevsky

Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

Russian Federation


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