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There is our experience of thoracoscopic surgery treatment of primary and metastatic spine tumors and paraspinal neurogenic tumors including "dumbbell". Thoracoscopic approach impressively decreases of complication rate in comparison with open surgery and considerably increase quality of life. Activization time for the patient with thoracoscopic surgery was 5,36+3,34 (for neurogenic paravertebral tumors 3,40+2,31). Comparison endoscopic and microsurgical methods demonstrate advantages of endoscopic technologies. Further development of neuroendoscopy in spinal surgery makes possible to increase effectiveness of treatment of various spine pathology. We conclude that neuroendoscopy is new and effective method of treatment not only degenerative diseases but is really effective technology of tumor resection both extra and intramedullar.

About the authors

A. O. Gushcha

НИИ нейрохирургии им. ИМ. Бурденко РАМН, Москва

Author for correspondence.
д.м.н., ведущий научный сотрудник Russian Federation

S. O. Arestov

НИИ нейрохирургии им. ИМ. Бурденко РАМН, Москва

к.м.н., научный сотрудник Russian Federation


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