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The analysis of results of surgical treatment of 157 patients with proximal femur fractures was presented. In all cases the osteosynthesis using fixator PFN was performed in clinic of traumatology amd orthopedics of Moscow Municipal Hospital N 71 from 2005 till 2009. The authors concluded: proximal femur nail is mini-invasive and mini-traumatic fixator that is essential at treatment of elderly and old patients.

About the authors

V. N. Borovkov

Городская клиническая больница № 71, Москва

к.м.н., заведующий 1-м травматологическим отделением Russian Federation

A. A. Khrupalov

Городская клиническая больница № 71, Москва

к.м.н., главный врач Russian Federation

G. V. Sorokin

Городская клиническая больница № 71, Москва

Author for correspondence.
к.м.н., врач травматолог-ортопед 1-го травматологического отделения Russian Federation


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