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New modular endoprosthesis CITO – MATI was developed and introduced in the clinical practice on the basis of the exploration of results of reconstructive interventions on knee joint area with the usage of different Russian and foreign endoprosthesis. The aim of our work was to compare the functional results and survival of CITO – MATI and Beznoska endoprosthesis. To the moment of the study among 59 patients, who had implanted Beznoska endoprosthesis, 16 (27%) were secondly operated due to aseptic instability and the destruction of endoprosthesis components. Functional results of the Beznoska endoprosthesis application were good and excellent in 70,7%, and satisfactory in 29,3%. Among 107 patients with implanted CITO – MATI endoprosthesis 3 (2,8%) were operated because of the aseptic instability. The destruction of endoprosthesis components in the observed period of time was not revealed. Functional results of the CITO – MATI endoprosthesis application were good and excellent in 86,6% of cases, and satisfactory in 13,4%. It was revealed, that survival and functional results of the CITO – MATI endoprosthesis application are higher, than those of the Beznoska endoprothesis.

About the authors

A. V. Balberkin

ФГБУ «Центральный научно-исследовательский институт травматологии и ортопедии им. Н.Н. Приорова» Минздравсоцразвития России

д.м.н., профессор, заведующий отделением костной патологии Russian Federation

D. A. Shavyrin

ФГБУ «Центральный научно-исследовательский институт травматологии и ортопедии им. Н.Н. Приорова» Минздравсоцразвития России

Author for correspondence.
кандидат мед. наук, старший научный сотрудник отделения костной патологии Russian Federation


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