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The study of peripheral hemodynamics in the arteries and veins of the posttraumatic hand stumps of 67 patients was performed before and during traction of the tissues with a mini-fixator using electrothermometry and Doppler sonography.
Digital arteries before treatment in the conditions of reduced finger stumps motor activity show that all Doppler sonography recordings are decreased relative to the values of the unaffected fingers in the intact limb.
During transverse traction intended for skin stock growing in the interdigital webspaces there was no significant dynamics of the recorded Doppler sonography values in the digital arteries. The compensatory vascular response to metabolic query and oxygen need is registered in the lengthened tissue by longitudinal traction effect on the finger phalanges when the tissue can be grown by more than 100% of the initial stock, that results in a 1.5–2 fold increase of the linear and volumetric systolic blood flow velocity in the digital arteries and skin capillaries that is associated with the changes in the artery viscoelastisity which is of a vasoconstriction type.

About the authors

T. I. Dolganova

ФГУ «РНЦ «ВТО им. акад. Г.А. Илизарова» Минздравсоцразвития России

Author for correspondence.
д.м.н. ведущий научный сотрудник отдела физиологии Russian Federation

D. A. Shabalin

ФГУ «РНЦ «ВТО им. акад. Г.А. Илизарова» Минздравсоцразвития России


к.м.н., заведующая отделением патологии кисти, старший научный сотрудник клинико-экспериментальной научной лаборатории реконструктивно-восстановительной микрохирургии и хирургии кисти

Russian Federation

N. G. Shikhaleva

ФГУ «РНЦ «ВТО им. акад. Г.А. Илизарова» Минздравсоцразвития России


к.м.н., научный сотрудник клинико-экспериментальной научной лаборатории реконструктивно-восстановительной микрохирургии и хирургии кисти

Russian Federation


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