Functional magnetic resonance imaging in front knee instability

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The aim of the study is to assess the possibilities of functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the knee and the comparison of its results with other known methods of quantitative diagnosis of anterior instability. Material and methods. The study included 22 patients aged 16 to 84 years. The first group comprised 16 patients with complaints of instability of the knee joint, the second - six patients with no signs of instability (relatively healthy). In addition to conventional clinical examination (Lachman test and the "front of the drawer"), all participants in the study conducted functional MRI according to our methodology on the unit «HELPIC RENEX» 0,25 T open. In order to assess its informativeness all patients underwent functional X-ray of the knee on the unit Italrey «PIXEL HF» (Italy). Arthroscopy with intraoperative Lachman to testing performed in 11 patients of the first and second group of five patients on the equipment «Rudolf», Germany. Results. These data suggest that functional MRI is a valuable method to identify the anterior instability of the knee, which can be used as a supplement to commonly used functional imaging, and independently, since comparable results. The main advantages of functional MRI is the lack of radiation exposure and non-invasive visualization of the anterior cruciate ligament in tests on the instability of the knee.

About the authors

A. M. Chmutov

Road Clinical Hospital in station Chelyabinsk of Russian Railways

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

V. A. Sokolova

Road Clinical Hospital in station Chelyabinsk of Russian Railways

Russian Federation

D. S. Astapenkov

Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy

Russian Federation


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