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The outcomes of evaluation and treatment of 9 patients aged from 3 to 17 years with aneurismal Ilium cysts (AIC) are described. All patients with AIC were operated in a stage of delimitation. A surgical technique including an open removal of abnormal tissue with replacing a formed bone defect with an osteoplastic materialin isolation or in combination with an unfreebone graft out of iliac crest was applied for treatment. Recurrence of the pathological process was not observed in any case. Inactive residual cavities were found in 3 patients. 6 patients demonstrated complete organotypic restructuring of allografts in the zone of surgery. Application of a wedge resection of the pathological focus accompanied by post-resection defect grafting with a mix of cortical and demineralized allografts, localization of aneurysmal cyst in the ilium wing, and performing combined bone grafting to treat a pathological focus located in over-acetabular area, demonstrated favorable outcomes in a 4-year follow-up.

About the authors

T. F. Zubairov

Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children’s Orthopedics

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

A. P. Pozdeev

Turner Scientific and Research Institute for Children’s Orthopedics

Russian Federation


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