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The authors describe the minimally invasive technique for Bristow-Latarjet bone unfree autoplasty with arthroscopy in patients with bone loss more than 25% of anterior-posterior diameter of the glenoid, the poor quality of the capsule or deep defects of Hill-Sachs. The analysis of the early results of treatment in 19 patients and midterm results - in 13 soldiers operated in 2011-2014. Features of the proposed technique are the shortening of surgical approach and the reduction of subscapularis muscle damage. In addition, arthroscopic support allows to attain the precision location of the graft relative to the articular surface of scapula, at the same time restoring the damaged anatomy SLAP, rotator cuff tendons and posterior labrum and restore shoulder ligaments tension and isolate bone graft from the joint cavity, contributing to a better articulation of the humeral head and reducing the risk of nonunion and resorption.

About the authors

R. V. Gladkov

Kirov Military Medical Academy

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

O. V. Rikun

Kirov Military Medical Academy

Russian Federation

D. V. Averkiev

Kirov Military Medical Academy

Russian Federation

A. S. Grankin

Kirov Military Medical Academy

Russian Federation


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